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Girls & Boys Homes

The boys and girls homes is a safe and nurturing transitional home. We will provide for them shelter, food, education and spiritual guidance. We believe children should be with families! We will work with Haitian government to reconnect each child with his family or a foster care family. We will work with qualified social workers, to identify and help build healthy relationships between the child and family. The Lighthouse will have a staff nurse who will provide health care for the children regarding hygiene, malnutrition, parasitic infections and diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the children.



Community Outreach Center


Roughly two-thirds of Haitians are either unemployed or trying to make ends meet in a bleak economy and 58.5% of the people live in widespread poverty, which makes it hard for families to provide the basic needs for their children. The Lighthouse will seek out opportunities to help families and the nearby community by providing a broad range of services, including basic health services, access to clean water, adult basic education, counseling, financial literacy, healthy parenting and relationships, and spiritual guidance.

Sports & Recreation

Team and adventure activities are an excellent means of developing self-respect and self-confidence.  The children will learn how to become a productive member of a team, to rely on others and accept the responsibility of others relying on them.  Also sports will be used as a tool to build rapport, encourage open dialog regarding life experiences, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The physical activities will be balanced with cultural and artistic activities.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for soccer, volleyball, chess, dance, music, yoga/meditation, drama and art. We will work with other organizations to provide soccer camp for The Lighthouse and residents in the nearby community.

Small Farm and Agriculture

Our aim is to establish a Small Farm where the children will learn by taking care of a small number of livestock and by growing fruits, herbs and vegetables. The children will learn about nutrition and traditional herbal remedies.  The goal is to develop an environment of self-worth and respect while building skill that can be used in the future.  The farm will also provide The Lighthouse a supply of natural organic foods and sustainability.




In Haiti, more than 200,000 children remain out of school. The majority of schools in Haiti are privately run so education is a luxury that the poor cannot afford. There are a few public and free schools, however, the expense of books, uniforms, and tuition are a barrier for many families. Without a proper education, the children are unable to break free of the cycle of poverty. Our goal is to provide education to as many children as possible.

College Scholarships

One of our goals is have each child who comes through The Lighthouse to attend higher education after graduation. Their continued education would enable them to support themselves and their families and ultimately give back to their community.  The Lighthouse will offer college scholarships funded by private donations and an agricultural development program (The Goat Project).

Vocational Training and Skills Building

The Lighthouse plans to provide a variety of in-house vocational training programs. Young adults will not only be taught a useful trade to sustain themselves in the future but they will also develop self-respect and confidence as a direct result. The vocational programs currently under development will include, but not limited to: Business Operations, Accounting, Carpentry, Computer Skills, Agriculture, Auto Mechanics, Electrical, Sewing, Cooking & Entrepreneurial Skills.