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Phase 1

Total Estimated Cost: $974,000

At The Lighthouse, we believe we are all a part of the Body of Christ sharing a common ministry to support our Haitian brothers and sisters.  Although Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, hope abounds in this financially strapped, yet determined nation.  

Communities all over Haiti continue to be impacted at crisis levels by poverty and lack of necessities such as safe housing, food and clean drinking water.  However, now, with your help, we can ensure each person is able to live a life that reflects God’s light and empowerment.  

The Lighthouse will purchase land and construct a secure, safe complex to operate a residential, vocational and community outreach center far removed from the corruption, violence and, difficulties that face the children in Haiti and their families.  We will construct a well to provide fresh, clean drinking water and stop the cycle of death and disease.  A solar electrical system will be installed to support children’s daily necessities and sustain our educational, health and outreach programs and services.   

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